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'12 Weeks of Cheer' Sticker Game!

Date: 20-Sep-2019

Our next sticker collecting extravaganza is finally here! We have thousands of dollars in prizes to give away!

Beginning in October, wholesale customers will receive their game board and can start collecting stickers. The more you spend with us, the better your chances! For each increment of $300 spent on stocked items in an order, you'll receive one sticker!

At close of business for the Christmas break, sticker collection will end. We will collect your game boards in January and start redeeming your prizes!

How to Play

Sticker collection will run until December 20th 2019 or while sticker stocks last. One sticker will be awarded for each increment of $300 spent on stocked lines in a single order. One collection sheet per customer.

To claim a gift, tick the box underneath your selection on the reverse of the collection sheet. Your rep will pick up your collection sheet in January 2020, and delivery of gifts will begin in February 2020.


1. The presents under the tree are individual one-off prizes that can be redeemed with a single sticker. Each ‘present’ prize can only be redeemed once per collection sheet.

2. You can only redeem one prize from your tree. Your prize must be chosen from a completed (ie. all stickers collected) section of the tree (purple, green, blue, and gold respectively). To be able to redeem a prize from a section of the tree, that section AND every section below it must be complete.

3. Make sure your business’ name is written on both sides of the collection sheet.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Prize images are representative and not indicative of actual prizes.