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Thanks for visiting! I am pleased to welcome you to our website.

My Grandfather started this business nearly 30 years ago and it has steadily grown from its tiny beginnings in his front bedroom, to the 2080m² warehouses that we now work from.

The core beliefs and values that have made our journey a success are an unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service and making sure we always go the extra mile. Now that I can use a tool like the internet, I am able to offer our signature service to customers all over Australia, rather than just the handful of people that Grandpa was able to visit in his station wagon.

I have to tell you about our rewards program, it is something that I manage personally and it gives me great satisfaction. It is our way of rewarding and thanking you for choosing us. We are ever aware you have a choice, and we want to make sure you are justly rewarded for every dollar that you spend with us.

We offer aPrice Match Promiseand ‘100% Money Back Guarantee with every transaction to give you peace of mind. We have a very flexible returns policy, as we are human too and know that sometimes mistakes are made. When this happens we want to fix them as quickly and easily as possible.

We have mission and vision statements which are the ‘rules of the game’ for everyone here, from the most senior employee down and if an activity does not fit with these goals it will not be given consideration. These are:

Mission: Direct Hospitality is a trusted and valued business partner operating profitably for the benefit of our clients, our employees, our suppliers and the communities we live in.

Vision:   Direct Hospitality will be our clients preferred supplier of Hospitality, Coffee, Cleaning and Packaging products through a commitment to exceeding their expectations of us in every transaction.

With our wide range of products, our dedication to customer service and‘On Time Every Time’deliveries we can save your business time, hassle and money.

I would love to hear from you if you ever wanted to chat or if we didn’t meet your expectations. Please contact me using the details below.

Happy browsing and thanks for your time,

Jim Shemilt

General Manager – Direct Hospitality

P: 1800 999 905